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mENTAWAI SURFING +6281374006060 or NYANG – NYANG & PLAY GROUND CAMP Mentawai islands with my surf camp in siberut islands close wave like e’bay, beng-beng, nipussi, pitstop just onfoot

Mentawai surf camp siberut is a traditional beach resort located on the island of nyang-nyang , one of the most beautiful island in Mentawai.

White sandy beach, countless palm trees, beautiful coral reefs, breathtaking waves, and priceless experience. These are all characteristics which you will find on this island. The nyang-nyang island is ultimately a hidden paradise.

The accommodation of mentawai surf camp siberut includes an affordable resort located along the white sandy beach. Despite the traditional decoration, this resort provides modern style living facility, with a typical Indonesian family atmosphere, you will certainly experience a unique holiday.

The Mentawai Islands offer some of the best surf to be found anywhere, with more perfect left and right handers in one region than anywhere on earth. The surrounding water region attracts swells all year round with the most consistent season generally being between March and November.

Surf spots just onfoot

Beng Beng => A very consistent world class wave, an extremely rippable left. This spot is loads of fun and probably one of the easiest waves to surf in the Mentawai’s. It’s the deepest and safest wave in the area and also pick up a bit more swell than other locales. 5 more breaks in the area, including E-Bay and Pitstops. Nestled inside a small bay with one of the most scenic views imaginable all around you.

E-Bay => This is a hollow left that barrels off the take-off with a short wall down the line. A great option when a lot of swell is hitting. A hollow, fast, powerful left. A world class wave for experienced surfers. Watch out for the two rocks on the inside. Great barrels, and turns into a surfing paradise at 6 feet offshore. There is a heavy warble that hits as you are taking off. Make the drop and don’t get thrown by that first warble and chances are you’ll get a mean aqua blue barrel. The scenery alone will blow you away. Besides its aesthetic beauty, double overhead E-bay is a beast and forces to be reckon with.

Nipussi or Pussies => A shorter right that breaks down the point from Bank Vaults. Definitely fun and rippable. Usually has fairly deep water from the takeoff to the inside. Ends in a riptide that sucks all the water back out to sea. A good option when there’s not much swell, and usually the most consistent spot in the area.

Pitstops => This is the right off the peak at E-Bay. A playful right that can offer some cover-ups off the take-off, but mostly a high performance wave with air sections at the end. Ends in a sandy channel.


yanto resort

Flanked by two world class surf spot which is pit stop and bankvault, makes Yanto’s Place is the perfect location for all the guests that want to spend their surf time in mentawai islands. As we all known, pitstop and bankvaults  located in middle of play ground area. Play ground itself consists plenty of world class surf spot that can be reached in minutes. From Yanto’s place to nipussi only 10 minutes walking, to pit stop only 20 minutes walking, ebay 30 minutes walking and beng beng 1 hour walking. We only suggesting for our guest  to walk only if they want to go to nipussi and pit stop by walking, the rest we suggested using boat to get to the surf spot.
 We have all the perfect amenities and great facilities to serve our guests with genuine hospitality of local mentawai . You’ll be exploring the true mentawai with the taste local atmosphere.
Design with unique mentawai characteristic, and white sandy beach for your pleasure accompanied by experienced local surf guide surely will make your surf time in mentawai islands like a dream come true.
Born by incredible natural talent, give all the local surf guide at Yanto’s Place has the local knowledge to take the guest to the most exquisite surf spot available.
Yanto’s Place only using local surf guide that born in the area. They know all the surf spot including the invisible one for others to know.
Rate : US$ 185 per person per nights
Minimum number of guest : 4 person / group
The package included :
Air conditioning wood style room
3 times meals / day ( breakfast, lunch, diner ), coffee, tea, water
Local surf guide accomplished with endemic knowledge of the surf spot in the surrounding south siberut, mentawai islands.
Boat for your convenience transportation during surf sessions and emergency.
Police Permit
Soft drinks
First aid
Not Includes :
  • Hotel in Padang.
  • Photography / documentations.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Airport departure taxes.
  • Excess baggage.
  • Passport, unexpected costs and personal spending money.
  • Harbor permits .
  • Beer
  • Mentawai tax USD 5 per pax per day
For transportation to drop in and drop out from air port to yanto’s place will cost  USD 300 / person (USD 150 one way / person, including air port pick up, ferry ticket from padang harbor to siberut island, boat from siberut harbor to nyang nyang island )

mapatdegat indah surf camp


NYANG – NYANG & PLAY GROUND CAMP Mentawai islands with my surf camp in siberut islands close wave like e’bay, beng-beng, nipussi, pitstop just onfoot . contact me:
=>cost price
Room only is USD 49,-  per day per person (incl. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Water, Tea, Coffee)
For the Full Package the price is USD 79,- per day per person. Included is 9 nights / 10 days.  Full Package price is USD 790,-
Included in Full Package is:
  • Pickup from the airport in Padang.
  • Ferry tickets and bed in airconditioned VIP Cabin incl. Surfboards and luggage
  • Mentawai Permit
  • Speedboat transfer to to resort from Siberut (costs usually USD 120,- one way. Other “cheap” offers do not include this!)
  • 10 days Accommodation (all rooms equipped with fan and electricity jacks)
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Tea, Coffee, Water all day
  • Local Surfguide to show you the best spots
  • Speedboat transfer back to Siberut
  • Ferry ticket back
  • Pickup from harbor (to Hotel in Padang or Airport)

max : 10 surfer  min: 2 surfer