Nyang Nyang Surf Camp Siberut


Mentawai surf camp Siberut is a traditional beach camp resort located on the island of Nyang-Nyang, one of the most beautiful island in Mentawai. The White sandy beaches, countless palm trees, beautiful coral reefs and breathtaking waves of this island will deliver a priceless experience to you, family and friends. These unique island characteristics classify, ultimately, Nyang-Nyang as a hidden paradise!
The surf camp displays facilities with a typical Indonesian atmosphere which ensure an enjoyable family experience. The resort is located along the white sandy beach and despite of its traditional decoration, the resort offers modern style amenities with comfort and affordability; you will certainly experience a unique holiday.
Come and enjoy the paradisiac surf destination, the Mentawai Islands offers some of the best surf to be found, with more perfect left and right-handers waves in one region than anywhere else on earth.

The surrounding water region attracts swells all year round with the most consistent season generally being between March and November.
The surf camp is located at Siberut islands, at walking distances of great surf spots, such as: E’bay, Beng-Beng, Nipussi and Pitstop, no boat hassles!
You will wake up, enjoy our freshly cooked breakfast, pick-up your board, go for a walk through the picturesque tracks of nyang-nyang island and enjoy world class surf. Walk as close as 5 min and you will be faced with Ebay, one of the best left-handers in Mentawai, this wave is a perfect, round and it has a powerful wall that can be barrelled all the way when it’s going off.
So what are you waiting for?
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